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Not Just a Fresh Coat of Paint

Centare and Cousins Subs built a new website featuring new branding & infrastructure to support future vision.

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Centare is team focused both in and outside of work. Whether it be a company sponsored event, an impromptu after work get together, some community service, or marathon gaming weekends, we are together and actively shaping our culture.

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Exploratory Testing Tips

Exploratory testing is a staple activity for experienced QA professionals, yet it is sometimes difficult to quantify the value of and need for it to a stakeholder or someone not integrated on a development team. There are several reasons for exploratory testing, including the QA window being compressed by a business need, ramping up a new team member on an existing team, and investigating related or adjacent functionality on a non-greenfield project. I reached out to our team members to get their perspective on how they perform exploratory testing and its value.

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