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Angular2 Http with RxJS Observables

If you have been following the development efforts of the Angular2 project, you have witnessed certain highs and lows - but it has been a fun ride. The latest version is only a Release Candidate and the team is getting closer to the final release. I’m really looking forward to [...]

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The power of the global.json

As I'm sure you're all aware by now, Monday June 27th was a special day for those of you who were anticipating the release of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. While the "core" frameworks and runtimes are RTM, the tooling is actually still in preview. In fact, we're currently on [...]

Keeping the Development Flow

A friend referred me to an old blog post on how to avoid memory loss from being interrupted while coding. This post is chock-full of good suggestions that any developer can follow to minimize disruption. However, there are also some good patterns teams as a whole should consider if they [...]

  • Salesforce Mobile SDK Quick Start

Salesforce Mobile SDK QuickStart

Swift-ly Access Salesforce data in iOS Let's assume your organization is one of the thousands that uses Salesforce for customer relationship management. For those of us less inclined to sell widgets, but more inclined to build software to help sell those widgets... good news. Salesforce has a robust Force.com development [...]

  • Android RecyclerView

RecyclerView: Android’s UITableView cousin

In iOS development, UITableView holds an important and prominent place at the table. Apple has consistently used UITableView throughout iOS since the very first release of the iPhone and subsequently the SDK. The pattern is repeated throughout many of the apps on the platform as well. If you develop in [...]

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ASP.NET Core 1.0 Unit Testing

With ASP.NET Core 1.0 applications, *.csproj and *.vbproj file extensions no longer exist — instead there is the *.xproj file extension to take their place. Previously the “cs” and “vb” in the extension names were indicators of the programming language in use for that Visual Studio project (C# and Visual Basic respectively). This could be helpful I suppose, although I never really paid too [...]

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  • Cookie Driven Development

Cookie Driven Development

Much wisdom has been passed from generation to generation. Often, it is passed through word of mouth or shared experience. For those lucky enough to have grandparents who share their wealth of knowledge and experiences, what follows may seem like common sense. For the rest of us, especially those in [...]

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Tutorial for Angular2 with MVC 6 on ASP.NET Core 1.0

Overview The purpose of this post is to establish ourselves with a working environment geared towards development on ASP.NET Core 1.0 through Visual Studio 2015. I will walk through creating an Angular2 Single Page Application with MVC 6, Web API 2 and TypeScript. The sample application is available here on [...]

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The Importance of Self-Awareness

Inspect, Adapt and React to Change One of the most critical aspects of any agile process is the inspection/adaptation cycle. However, retrospective meetings often feel pointless because nobody can think of anything to say. If they do, it’s usually a positive platitude. While great for morale and team strength, the power [...]

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  • Motivate People With Purpose

Want Team Engagement? Motivate People with Purpose

Integrate purpose and employees will be more fulfilled, involved in their work Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end… it’s when you have everything to do and you have done it.” Productivity and success on the job [...]

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