ASP.NET Core 1.0 Unit Testing

With ASP.NET Core 1.0 applications, *.csproj and *.vbproj file extensions no longer exist — instead there is the *.xproj file extension to take their place. Previously the “cs” and “vb” in the extension names were indicators of the programming language in use for that Visual Studio project (C# and Visual Basic respectively). This could be helpful I suppose, although I never really paid too [...]

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  • Cookie Driven Development

Cookie Driven Development

Much wisdom has been passed from generation to generation. Often, it is passed through word of mouth or shared experience. For those lucky enough to have grandparents who share their wealth of knowledge and experiences, what follows may seem like common sense. For the rest of us, especially those in [...]

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Tutorial for Angular2 with MVC 6 on ASP.NET Core 1.0

Overview The purpose of this post is to establish ourselves with a working environment geared towards development on ASP.NET Core 1.0 through Visual Studio 2015. I will walk through creating an Angular2 Single Page Application with MVC 6, Web API 2 and TypeScript. The sample application is available here on [...]

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The Importance of Self-Awareness

Inspect, Adapt and React to Change One of the most critical aspects of any agile process is the inspection/adaptation cycle. However, retrospective meetings often feel pointless because nobody can think of anything to say. If they do, it’s usually a positive platitude. While great for morale and team strength, the power [...]

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  • Motivate People With Purpose

Want Team Engagement? Motivate People with Purpose

Integrate purpose and employees will be more fulfilled, involved in their work Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end… it’s when you have everything to do and you have done it.” Productivity and success on the job [...]

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Top 10 Software Development Blogs of 2015

At Centare, our development center specializes in developing custom mobile, web and enterprise applications. In order to produce the best quality product for our clients, we operate in Scrum teams to offer transparency into the project, reduce risk and time to market. Since we are passionate about creating great software, we [...]

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  • top 10 agile blogs of 2015

Top 10 Agile Blogs of 2015

Centare lives and breathes agility. Not only do we coach & train teams and organizations to practice agile methods to transform the way they do business, but we also practice agile methods within our own organization - our custom software development center operates in Scrum teams. So naturally, we enjoy reading content about agility from [...]

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Top 10 Blogs of 2015 by Centare

This year at Centare we put an emphasis on providing you with great content on agile transformation and software development best practices. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the articles as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you! In case you missed any of the articles or wanted a refresher [...]

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  • How Purpose Benefit Business

How Purpose Benefits Business & Users

From business plans to user stories – Effective tools for maintaining purpose Let’s say that you want me to build you a custom tool. To start, I’ll need to provide some context. The first question I’ll ask is, ‘Why do you need this tool?’ I might also ask, ‘What will [...]

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  • scrum master magic

Do You Believe in Magic?

The Magic of Why in Scrum Change is hard. Everyone knows that. Even the people who love change can admit that it is hard. We’re hard wired to rely on habits, stereotypes and assumptions to free our minds up for new problems. If you need a living example, try moving [...]

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