Leadership Impact on Agile Transformation

Right after a young man married the love of his life, his wife was making ham for dinner. She cut a piece off the end and then put the larger piece in the pan and baked it. He asked his wife why she didn’t bake the whole ham and she […]

Effective Agile Transformations Combine Agile Training & Coaching

I’m pretty sure that if you asked 100 people on the street if training and coaching meant the same thing, a clear majority would say no, they’re not.

Most individuals understand that training someone to do something is a simple concept. Trainers teach skills; they show individuals how to execute very […]

3 Ways to Start the Agile Transformation Process in Your Organization

Starting an agile transformation is no small task.

There’s a chance you have many years of culture, process and organizational thinking that’s calcified and prevents your company from competing with fast moving startups.

You could also have trouble attracting talent, keeping commitments or worse yet…keeping customers.

So where should you even begin […]

What Is Required to Begin an Agile Transformation and Where Do You Start?

Agile Transformation: One Condition, Many Catalysts
There is no formula to determine the right time to begin an agile transformation. Rather, a single required condition and many catalysts exist to help you adopt new ways of working, learning, and thinking. Pressure is the single required condition for an Agile Transformation.

First, you […]

Are Your Co-Workers Ready to Form Agile Teams?

In our last two posts we wrote about the importance of organizational leadership and culture as absolute requirements for successful agile transformations.

While there is an ongoing chicken-and-egg debate about which one of those requirements should come first, everyone agrees that employees need to hear the situation and vision laid out by […]

How To Know If Your Culture Is Ready For Agile Transformation

Legendary management guru Peter Drucker once famously declared, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”

When stating this he eloquently framed an axiom that thousands of business leaders have learned the hard way –  that the most brilliant business strategy doesn’t really have much of a chance if an organization’s culture is a […]

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How To Know If Your Leadership Is Ready For An Agile Transformation

Regardless of the industry, smart corporate leadership around the world is recognizing that agile product development and management have the potential to deliver dramatic improvements in speed, quality, and customer value.

Agile methods were originally created by software developers desperate for a way to manage rapidly changing markets and to accelerate […]

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Introducing the CAP Class of 2015

The Centare Associate Practitioner program (CAP)  is a 12 week training program in which recent graduates focus developing on technical and soft skills.  The program is comprised with a mix of instructor lead team based projects, real world development experience, interaction with the greater company, focused Scrum training, and a number […]

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Build More Products, Faster!

Our guest blogger this week is Joel Tosi. Joel is a hands-on collaborator and community builder. He has collaborated with large and small organizations on ways to improve their product delivery and their organization’s culture. He seeks to share and spread knowledge for excellence in product delivery. Joel will be […]

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Just Because You Can Work From Anywhere, Doesn’t Mean You Should – Part 2

Our guest blogger this week is Elinor Slomba. Elinor Slomba combines 20 years’ fundraising and management experience with training in ethnographic research methods and Agile project management frameworks. Her purpose is to help organizations in the arts and start-up worlds share each other’s models and build value across domains. Elinor […]

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