How Teams & Employees Benefit from Autonomy

Autonomy in the workplace maximizes the creativity and contributions of everyone on the team.

Software is very complex. It is usually hard to describe and hard to build. Even seemingly simple applications can become complicated very quickly. To meet the needs of modern application development, organizations hire the best people that […]

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How Leaders Can Create Autonomy Among Teams

When company leadership establishes strategic goals, employees should be allowed to use their creativity to reach them.

Over the past several years I have worked on several “mission critical” engagements. While each effort revolves around different technologies, risks and benefits, there are some patterns that emerge.

It is not surprising that for […]

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How Leaders & Managers Can Increase Confidence and Motivation in Teams

Employee motivation is not one-size-fits-all. Everyone has different needs, wants and desires. Many companies and managers recognize this, but the best ones actually do something about it. They take action by developing a culture filled with a diverse set of motivating tools, benefits and rewards.Consider this tale of two people […]

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The Titan of Transparency – Your Superhero Scrum Master

I have seen a lot of Scrum Masters with capes.  Well, a lot of Scrum Master cartoons with capes…and wizard robes.

It’s inspiring and I know, I just know that Scrum Masters are superheroes.

I know a good Scrum Master ‘when I meet one’ but that intangible quality has been a frustrating […]

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How Agile Software Development Provides Scrum Team and Stakeholder Satisfaction

When talking about “satisfaction” and agile software development, it’s important to note that the term carries a dual definition.

On the one hand, there is the enjoyment and professional satisfaction the team and stakeholders derive from working together, all of which is purely subjective.

On the other hand is the criteria-driven objectivity […]

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Why Stakeholder Engagement is Critical in Agile Software Development

Generally speaking, people are much better at describing what they think they want than they are at translating an idea into actionable items.

However, if their concept is made tangible and then presented for their reaction, people can pretty easily identify what they like or don’t like about it, and where […]

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How Agile Mitigates Risk in Software Development Requirements

Software development is often threatened by requirements risks such as unrealistic expectations, lack of stakeholder involvement, shifting priorities, scope creep and requirements defects. The impact of any or all of these areas can easily lead a team off course.

Without appropriate risk management, getting to the final destination can be a […]

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How the Agile Definition of Done Ensures Product Quality

Since quality is naturally subjective, it can quickly run amok in product development if not carefully defined in terms of product goals, measures and results. Waterfall methods often ignore quality’s ambiguity until a pain point is hit in wasted time, effort and money.

Agile, on the other hand, focuses on quality […]

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3 Ways Frequent Agile Product Releases Deliver Value

Anyone who knows anything about agile knows it’s predicated on fast value delivery because, let’s face it, all else equal, software is more valuable to users if it’s usable and in their hands faster.

Scrum teams get product in stakeholders’ hands “early and often” by focusing the teams’ efforts at delivering […]

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How Agile Development Improves Product Quality

Everything about agile just screams speed including its name. Agile is generally organized in Sprints and the shortest, most efficient path to a usable product is always taken.

For most people, especially those coming out of traditional workplaces, speed or quickness seems like the natural enemy of quality. In fact, the […]

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