Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

In this 3-day highly-participative course, participants get a thorough introduction to LeSS. And people are introduced to — and practice — Systems Thinking with Causal Loop Modeling. There will also be an in-depth clinic with Craig Larman, the co-creator of LeSS, based on his long exp […]

Centare Scrum Essentials

Getting projects “done” is mission critical. But when teams struggle to get things “done” or fail to meet expectations, initiatives flounder, funding is cut and money is wasted. In an agile world of high performing teams, Scrum is a key method for planning, organizing and getting work “ […]

Scrum Master Workshop

This workshop dives into the Scrum Master role, and is geared towards creating advanced and effective SM’s. On the Scrum mechanics side, we talk about facilitating events, the WHY behind agile principles and practices. On the traits and behaviors side we talk about building a team […]