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Our Expertise

Centare transforms the way companies build software. Our goal is to deliver working software quickly, on a foundation that stands the test of time.

We will learn about your business, culture, and vision for the future. Once we understand you, we will make recommendations that increase your success based on proven agile approaches that continually evolve to meet the demands of business today.

We are experts in enterprise, web, mobile and cloud solutions. Centare can build your application from start to finish in our Development Center, embed a team of talented consultants within your company, train your existing staff to work more effectively and improve its competencies, or a hybrid of the three.

However we work together, Centare has one goal: to transform the way you approach development, so you can deliver better software now and in the future. You will value the way we invest ourselves in your success.


Total Product Strategy

Centare seeks to prevent costly mistakes for our clients. Before we build a product, we can take some direction from this scientific method: do some research, construct a hypothesis, create an experiment, analyze the results and validate if your results match your hypothesis. This is the basis for the Build-Measure-Learn loop represented below and is the heart of Centare’s Total Product Strategy.

Why? To make sure that you invest in and build the right product.


Software Development
Our consultants are strategic thinkers and skilled practitioners who continually learn and improve to ensure the highest standards. They might work inside your organization or develop software in our Development Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin. No matter where our consultants work, all are committed to your success.


Coaching and Training
Centare will guide your organization down the path to high-performance agile teams.  From formal, instructor-led courses to in-house coaching and mentoring, Centare has the proven, scalable experience to equip your teams with modern agile development techniques.





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