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Agile Coaching

Centare offers a variety of agile training in both classroom and on-site workshop settings.  We have found that transforming an organization from gated to agile methods requires a special blend of training, coaching, leadership and organizational support.  Our staff of experienced consultants can help your software organization transform, instituting agile practices, guiding and mentoring managers and facilitating organizational change.


Centare makes a concentrated effort to learn about you and your business. Our team will recommend appropriate techniques for greatest impact.  Some examples include:

  • Use of upfront training to provide a common vocabulary
  • Identifying and managing to personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Managing risk by producing done software
  • Using information radiators to provide better flow visibility
  • Conducting workshops on writing effective unit tests
  • Enabling self-organization and results oriented work environments


Centare offers instructor-led courses in our classroom or in your place of business. We will also tailor a course offering to your particular needs. Contact us today to see how Centare agile training can transform your organization.

Centare is also a partner. Learn more about our Scrum courses here.

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