November 15, 2017

Authors and Books that Inspire Centare’s Leadership Team

By Beth Jagodinsky

Here at Centare we value continual learning for personal and professional growth. We frequently host internal lunch and learns to knowledge share ideas and skills that we’re pursuing both inside and outside of work. Additionally, we aim to provide a platform in the community to promote learning and growth. Some examples include hosting a variety of technical meetup groups every month at our office or inviting clients in for our ‘Forward Thinking’ lunches. Our team members are hungry to learn and grow and that also includes our leadership team.

I recently asked some of our leadership team what’s on their reading list and inspiring them currently.

Jacob Scherrer - President and CEO
Jacob Scherrer
President and CEO

I have found the Patrick Lencioni series of books are insightful, with simple and helpful models that are directly applicable to many situations. In particular, the Organizational Health model that he outlines in The Advantage describes a series of disciplines for creating a strong team and creating, communicating and reinforcing clarity. The Organizational Health model contends that an organization that strives to be healthy will find greater success than an organization looking for success through smart decisions. This reinforces what is core at Centare: a vibrant, healthy culture is THE strategic advantage.

Ian Fox - Director, Development Center
Ian Fox
Director, Development Center

One of the books that has inspired me in my quest to be a better leader is Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't. In Leaders Eat Last Simon covers a range of topics revolving around the impact leaders have within an organization; from the importance of creating an environment of safety through empathy and autonomy to the chemicals released by our brains to encourage or discourage behaviors. Continuing to learn how my actions impact those around me is paramount to becoming a selfless and empathetic leader.

Amanda Daering - Director, People Operations
Amanda Daering
Director, People Operations

The End of Average (by Todd Rose) and Sway the Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior (by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman) have really stuck with me. It can be easy to get caught up in tasks or to forget the myriad of experiences that influence our day to day thoughts and behaviors. These books are an interesting exploration of human complexity from a scientific standpoint. On a more emotional level, I value the nuance of the human experience. I try to dose myself and my work with sonders every day.

Tim Eiring - Vice President, Madison
Tim Eiring
Vice President, Madison

I know he’s a very well-known, but Simon Sinek's work resonates with me a great deal. Sinek’s book, “Start With Why” inspired me to start asking a lot of questions about why I do what I do and also why we (Centare) do what we do. Sinek’s idea of the Golden Circle and our purposeful “why” being at the center is a great representation of how I think about Centare. I’ve recently started reading Sinek’s follow up to “Start With Why”, entitled “Find Your Why” I am excited to learn how to find my own “why” as well as Centare’s “why”

Chip Pieper - Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Chip Pieper
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

There are a number of books, authors, and speakers that inspire me both personally and professionally. The obvious choice for my Centare life is, “Helping Clients Succeed,” by Mahan Khalsa. The body of work is timeless in its application to all things human. Another winner for me is, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” by our late, great departed friend, Stephen Covey. All of the 7 Habits should added to the original 10 carved in stone..

Beth Jagodinsky - Team Lead and Product Owner

About Beth Jagodinsky

Beth Jagodinsky is a Team Lead and Product Owner at Centare. She enjoys working with clients in all industries to solve their business problems and is passionate about turning a vision and ideas into real, working software.