Your Career — To the Next Level

Being a Centarian means you’re part of a team of passionate and multidimensional people.

I want people to come to Centare and know it was the greatest move they could make for their career. We’ve grown leaders here. I’m incredibly proud of both the team here and our impressive alumni network.

The Company

Centare helps clients create leading edge software solutions and inspired teams. We continually improve our skills and methods, and we share our expertise with clients and our communities.

The Centare Life

Centare is a community of smart team members, great clients, and impressive alumni. The Centare Life is about not only joining but building the team.

Our team members care deeply about the work that they do and each other. There is always a teammate (or often quite a few teammates) to help you solve a problem or take your skills to the next level. We value initiative and ownership.

Our culture lives at every level of Centare. From our President to our VP and Directors, our leaders have technical backgrounds and truly understand our work. They’re often found near the coffee machine talking about the latest greatest technology or a cool book they’ve read.

We know that Centarians have full lives and varied interests. That’s reflected every day as discussions and get togethers appear for gaming, biking, books and more. We host events for families and dates, too, like family friendly open house movie nights and our infamous holiday parties.

A culture supporting work – life balance including...

Centare provides an environment where opportunities to learn and push yourself are endless.

Our Values


We strive to continually improve and to equip others with the skills and tools needed to do the same. We’re always looking to innovate and we take on challenges head on.


We treat people considerately. That doesn’t mean just being "nice". Sometimes it means caring enough to have the tough conversations. But it always means respect.


Everyone has something to offer and everyone has something to learn. We're about teamwork over titles and people over politics.


We are who we say we are and appear to be - even when no one is looking.

Centare provides two major things for me: autonomy and support. I like the feeling of trust that I get from Centare because they definitely reward hard work and honesty. I like the feeling I can accomplish any career goals here. I like how feedback is taken seriously whether it is positive or, even more importantly, negative. They are great at supporting the individuals here when one has new ideas for growing Centare or issues that may arise during one's life, work and personal.