Centare Scrum Essentials


Covers Scrum basics including framework, mechanics, and roles of Scrum with an emphasis on practical application.

Best For

Product Owner | Scrum Master | Developer | Quality Assurance | Business Analyst | User Experience | Stakeholders

Skills Gained

High level application of Agile and Scrum techniques to simple and complex problems in practice.


Getting projects “done” is mission critical. But when teams struggle to get things “done” or fail to meet expectations, initiatives flounder, funding is cut and money is wasted. In an agile world of high performing teams, Scrum is a key method for planning, organizing and getting work “done” with high visibility.

Centare Scrum Essentials teaches Scrum using an effective combination of classroom and practical hands-on experience. Students learn about the mechanics of Scrum, practices that support it, and the principles behind them to help sustain agility. We’ll dive into the Scrum framework, agile planning and estimation concepts, and how to keep Scrum healthy in the real world.

If you’re just discovering Scrum, work closely with a Scrum team or are in a position that supports Scrum teams, you should take this course.

Start taking Scrum and Agile techniques from casual observation to active participation. We’ll help you get it “done.”


  • Class Intro
  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Planning
  • Getting Started
  • Keeping Scrum Healthy