Effective Scrum Master


This course dives into the Scrum Master role and is geared towards creating advanced and effective Scrum Masters.

Best For

Scrum Masters | Managers | Anyone interested in being a SM in the future

Skills Gained

Scrum Masters should leave this course with actionable knowledge and techniques to take back to their organization and apply immediately and continuously.


This course covers techniques to keep your Scrum events healthy and introduces facilitation methods for taking your retrospectives to the next level. We also provide examples of common anti-patterns associated with events, roles and artifacts and ways for a Scrum Master to address those issues.

We also explore what makes a high-performing team and how the Scrum Master can contribute to building such a team through trust building, communication (listening and questioning), and conflict navigation.


  • Effective Scrum Events, Roles, and Artifacts
  • Organization Impediments and Change
  • Building High Performing Teams: Trust, Communication, Conflict
  • Distributed Teams