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Level Up Your Public Speaking

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November 11, 2020

Level Up Your Public Speaking

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You have a presentation coming up. Public speaking has always made you nervous but at the same time, you wish you could excel at and enjoy it… what do you do? Level up! If you learn the skills and grow your confidence, speaking to an audience of any size can be an approachable and — more importantly — enjoyable experience. The individuals on this panel use their skills to their fullest whether they’re speaking to a conference or a couple people, and will share with us their public speaking tips, tricks, and experiences.

Beth Jagodinsky, Director of Product Strategy

Andy Seifkes, VP Client Solutions

Kate Revitte, User Experience Designer

Dustin Ewers, Software Developer

Join our panelists to learn how to level up your public speaking skills.

Cody Lewis
Beth Jagodinsky
Andy Seifkes
Kate Revitte
Dustin Ewers

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