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Pump up Your Cloud Infrastructure with Azure Bicep

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August 19, 2021

Pump up Your Cloud Infrastructure with Azure Bicep

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One of the main capabilities of DevOps is Infrastructure as Code but given the dizzying number of options, which one do you choose? If you work in Azure, your options include language APIs, command-line tools, ARM Templates, and 3rd party tools like Terraform. After working on several cloud projects, I've come to prefer declarative methods like ARM templates.  

The only downside is that ARM templates are verbose and cumbersome to write. Fortunately, Microsoft has our backs and has introduced a new way to build templates that are much easier to read and use. Enter Azure Bicep. It's the same declarative goodness you get with ARM but with much less filler.

In this talk, you'll learn about different ways to represent your infrastructure as code and how to select the correct method for your situation. You'll learn how to build resources using Azure Bicep and how to structure your templates for maximum reuse. Finally, you'll learn some tips and tricks for making your life easier when creating Azure templates.

Dustin Ewers

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