Capitalizing on Predictive Analytics and Logistics

Meaningful metrics from your machines.

Manufacturing Predictive Analysis

Centare is committed to helping companies change how they think, work, and grow.

Our team has partnered with manufacturing companies across the nation to help create efficiencies in their workflows and provide a return on investment. Our team is skilled at diving in quickly to understand the business problem and end user needs to come up with a custom solution that fits the goals of the business. Our experience ranges from building web applications that manage supply chain and inventory scheduling to creating cross-platform applications that communicate directly with bluetooth hardware.

At Centare, we implement predictive analytics and logistics solutions for firms just like yours. We understand that not all machines are alike, and we know that data is just data until it’s transformed into actionable information. We specialize in that transformation and can help your firm reduce downtime by providing the tools you need to predict events before they happen, and metrics that will help you optimize your plant’s efficiency and material consumption.

IoT & Analytics

  • Aggregating and analyzing raw data, building and measuring industry-standard metrics
  • Integration of metrics with smart phones, and into existing enterprise systems
  • Addition of data sets and user interfaces for entry (root cause analysis)
  • HMI/PLC/MES and sensor interfaces
  • Continuous improvement through short delivery cycles and coaching

Logistics & Automation

  • Routing of millions of units per day
  • Fully-automated decision making/ticket creation
  • Improve visibility from ingredient to final product
  • Optimization of network design based on real data

Inventory Management

  • Inbound/Outbound flow management
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Shelf life management and reporting
  • Shortages/supply problem alerts

Manufacturing total availability

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness

What if you could capture meaningful metrics and use the data that your machines and PLCs already have in order to predict the next line failure and ultimately improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)? Even industry-standard ERP systems don’t go to the plant floor, nor do they accurately track the usage of raw materials per line.

Where Does Your OEE Fall?

85% is generally considered good, but most companies fall closer to the 60% mark. Think about what just a minor increase in that number would mean to your company in terms of dollars saved. Where do you start?

OEE isn’t just about attaining a number; it’s about a shift in the way your staff approaches efficiency problems. It’s also about continuous improvement. At Centare, we’ll work with your team to analyze available data, define valuable metrics and collection methods, and spot common problems. All of our engagements are done in an agile fashion, which promotes continuous feedback and short cycle times, and it allows you to continue to improve. Once your solution is in place, we’ll provide ongoing coaching to ensure that your organization can clear process bottlenecks quickly and continue to attain its efficiency goals.


Tracking product throughout all the stages of its lifecycle.

Centare created a custom web application to forecast and manage inventory for multiple warehouses across the US, Canada and Mexico for bulk food freight, Foodliner. The application, completed by a Centare, cross-functional product team, was started and released to production in 19 weeks. The application tracked product throughout all the stages of it's lifecycle as well as recorded all movement of product within the warehouse. It also included features like validation for data integrity and accuracy , automatic barcode creation, shipment tracking and generation of reports for management as well as an intuitive user experience for warehouse workers ease of use.


Engineering Cost Savings Through Automation

Siemens partnered with Centare to create a web-based tool to enable HVAC engineers to automate the process of writing controller code.

How we helped

A Few of Our Manufacturing Clients

Rockwell Automation
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline