AWS, IoT, and Centare

Simply and securely deploy, manage, and scale IoT solutions with AWS and Centare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming businesses in unprecedented ways, such as optimizing and improving current and new business processes, offering differentiated customer service levels to their clients, and helping to unlock new sources of revenue. As embedded internet connectivity continues to become more pervasive across all devices, the applications for this technology are broader than ever before. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a secure and easy-to-manage platform for IoT deployments so you can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and at the edge.

AWS IoT is a managed cloud service that makes it simple to securely connect edge devices to the cloud. With AWS IoT, it’s easy to use other AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Greengrass, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Machine Learning to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze, and act on data generated by connected devices at global scale, without having to manage any infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to make existing devices smart, or build a new IoT solution from the ground up, AWS and Centare can help.

Centare's Difference

Centare combines its broad set of experiences with the AWS platform in order to deliver world-class, custom software solutions in the cloud. Centare specializes in solving clients’ complex business problems with robust technology solutions. Those skills combined with AWS provide clients with even greater performance, speed to market, scale and cost effectiveness than could otherwise be achieved.

Why choose AWS and Centare for IoT deployments?

Easy to deploy and manage

  • Get started quickly without complex backend infrastructure
  • Use MQTT, HTTP 1.1, and WebSockets, and proprietary/legacy protocols
  • Move quickly from ideation to production


  • Use mutual authentication to ensure that AWS IoT and your devices can confirm each other’s identities
  • Encrypt all data with TLS 1.2, which is available in a variety of programming languages and operating systems
  • AWS Greengrass authenticates and encrypts device data. Data is never exchanged between devices and the cloud without proven identity


  • Start with minimal upfront investment and easily add new devices as you go
  • Increase throughput as needed to operate with low latency
  • Reliably scale to billions of devices and trillions of messages

If you are ready to start your IoT journey, AWS and Centare can help you get started

Proven, local track record - Centare has been helping companies throughout the Milwaukee area for 18 years. With successes in virtually every industry vertical, Centare is ready to understand your needs and create the ideal solution.

AWS Management Console - A web-based interface for accessing and managing all your AWS IoT resources.

AWS software development kits (SDKs) - Kits that take the complextiy out of coding custom IoT applications with APIs for AWS services.

AWS Starter kits for IoT - Physical kits from AWS that are designed to help accelerate development on IoT devices using AWS IoT services.

AWS IoT button - Helps developers get started with AWS IoT and learn about the features of the platform without the need to write device-specific code.

AWS device SDKs for IoT - Makes it easier to securely connect your devices to AWS using the AWS IoT Device Gateway and Device Shadows.

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