Traditions: The Forward Thinking

One of our favorite traditions here at Centare is our “Forward Thinking”. It’s lived long enough to have origins unknown (there’s a comments section, alumni network!) but we have evidence as far back as 2007. Remember when #JavaSpring was new? Before he was our president, Jake was dropping the Spring knowledge. Jake is still giving Forward Thinking’s. His next one is on AWS and IoT.

A Forward Thinking at Centare is a time to gather, often over lunch or a webinar now, and share information or inspiration on topics ranging from tech to teams or travel tips. As our regular speakers are preparing conference talks, we’re often treated to a preview and our team is able to give some valuable feedback.

Here’s a list of this year’s topics. We’ll be ready to remember these fondly in another 10+ years!

  • Upgrade Yourself
  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Building a blog with Gatsby, a static site generator
  • Animated Video Brainstorm
  • Bias - A Discussion
  • How to be a better Mentor
  • The Savvy Developer’s Guide to Resilience

We love this format for sharing peer to peer and learning from each other, but that’s not the only way we share knowledge. Our blog (thanks for reading this!) and community events (Cream City Code, QA Camp, UX Camp…) are other ways we keep sharing information across our team and beyond. We have reading groups and chat rooms for specific topics. It’s also easy to add new ways to share. We are always looking for new ways to share knowledge and level up. Let us know if you’ve seen other great ways to add on to mentoring with knowledge share across teams!

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