Centare Donates to Doctors Without Borders!

Last Friday, Centare's employees gathered together and donated $2501 to Doctors Without Borders via Games Done Quick during the Minecraft block with the message:


"Half of our Centarians have been hanging out in the lounge all week watching these amazing runs while we work. Turns out watching speed runs also makes you code faster! Happy to help out on such an amazing cause!"


It was the 40th largest donation out of an incredible 49,513 total individual donations. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 raised a total of $3,003,889 for charity. An incredible amount

If you've never seen a Games Done Quick event, it is an amazing thing to see. For a week straight, 24/7, speedrunners play games and beat them faster than intended. They take advantage of glitches, game mechanics and strategies the developers never thought of to master a game and complete it quicker than the developers ever thought possible.

Super Mario Bros 3 usually takes 6 hours to beat. Mitchflowerpower can beat it in 3 minutes, 9 seconds.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time took me about 30 hours to beat the first time around. Torje has the world record at 17 minutes and 1 second.

Skyrim? The average person takes 33 hours to beat the main story alone. Waz can do it in 23 minutes and 45 seconds.

In each game, players take advantage of deep knowledge of the game to warp around the map, jump through walls, create extremely optimized player builds and manipulate random number generators to get exactly the values they want.

Being a developer, a speedrunner would be our worst nightmare. They find every glitch possible, every nook and cranny that we forgot about or didn't shore up. But they do so out of a desire to find out everything about a game that they love.

Many of us at Centare are gamers. We play Super Smash Brother during lunch, have board game nights once a month, and get together at local arcades to play pinball. It's a part of who we are. We love to solve puzzles and dig deep to learn every piece of the software that we work on every day.

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