Tech + Art = FallExperiment

When Tech meets Art

Friday early morning, ready for some awesomness, I eagerly walk over to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Center where a very diverse and creative event is about to take place. Volunteers greet me and I eagerly go to the second floor, I enter the room and see this massive room full people making music, kids and adults playing videogames and of course my favorite part technology! And... a firetruck full of beer, but that's just details!

So what happens when Tech meets Art!?

Moving on, I visited quite few booths, from VR (virtual reality) to AR (augmented reality) and from music to iot systems. I was really amazed to see all the talent enthusiasm and passion all the stands had in common and had tons of fun visiting all of them!

A mixed bag of reality

Something that really amazed me was the amount of cutting-edge virtual reality, augmented reality and holographics development and it's showcase at the conference (even though not the same I will refer to all of them as virtual reality further in the post for the sake of simplicity). From HoloSoft to Eluminati and Cream City Labs, from living an horror story and finding clues, to riding a magic broom in a Harry Potter world.

Now a days virtual reality is becoming more and more available to the public and is really becoming the next "trend" due to the increase amount of computing power for smaller systems and the amount of graphics that are able to be displayed.

Virtual reality is not only realizing as concept in the video games industry but as well in different fields such as topography, navigation, medicine.

In fact according to Statista virtual reality is booming and is projected to increase in the next 6 years.

Fostering the community!

I couldn't attend all talks unfortunately, even though all the speakers were amazing. Mostly what really caught my eye was the great tech community involvement that all the speakers had, from talks that simply focus on code to tales from the agile world and how to create cros-functional teams that grow, communicate and succeed.

As well many Centarians contributed to the event, either through volunteering or through public speaking.

One of our Centarian speakers, was Matthew Schladweiler, talked about scalability in Angular and best practices. Matt talked about separation of concerns in Angular and how to scale an app to the size of your organization. This mainly involved a talk around the facade pattern, it's scalability, it's usefulness in component testing and the ease on onboarding new members in a team due to increase readability.

Passion driven companies

At the end of the day though, what is that drives all these events and the people attending them?! The answer is simple, passion, the passion to showcase their finest products, their creations and creativity to everyone bringing everyone together.

In fact Centare was one of the sponsors of FallX19, along with other great companies. The intent behind organizing FallX19 is really to enhance, further and showcase technology while bringing the community together, which I feel was fully conveyed.

There was lots of gaming as well!

And finally a big thank you is owed to Centare and all the other sponsors that made this possible as well as two people that played a major role in the organization of our little experiment and mainly Cream City Code, David Pine and Ben Felda.

To conclude, this was a major event in Milwaukee and for Tech, bringing those with different backgrounds and different passions together, while having fun and learning, something we should always keep in mind, most of the time it is not just about the technology it's about bringing communities together and further their knowledge, and contribute to their growth.

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