Top 10 Software Development Blogs of 2015

At Centare, our development center specializes in developing custom mobile, web and enterprise applications. In order to produce the best quality product for our clients, we operate in Scrum teams to offer transparency into the project, reduce risk and time to market.

Since we are passionate about creating great software, we also enjoy reading and sharing content that others have produced from their own experiences.

Based on what we have shared across our networks, these are the top 10 blogs of 2015 regarding software development.


1. 4 Lean Startup Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Product

In our recent webinar, Dan Olsen, author of The Lean Product Playbook, walked us through his Lean Product process and how to build great products efficiently. He also shared some of the mistakes companies make along the way… Read more

2. Integrating UX into an Agile Environment

One of the challenges faced by UX practitioners is integrating user experience best practice methods into agile software development projects. Agile project management is a philosophy and a framework, not a prescriptive process… Read more

3. 12 Questions to Find Out: Are You Doing Agile Software Development?

Do you want to do Agile Software Development? Yes – go to 2. No – GOODBYE. Is your team regularly reflecting on how to improve? Yes – go to 3. No – regularly meet with your team to reflect on how to improve, go to 2… Read more

4. How Agile Techniques Can Improve Enterprise Software Implementation

Selecting best-fit enterprise software is critical to maximizing ROI, but, of course, that is only part of the story. That software must still be properly implemented. For a real world perspective on this, I interviewed Dan Raven, a project management consultant… Read more

5. How UX Principles Affect Your Mobile App Development

Good news for mobile app developers – people love you! Well, they love your apps at least. According to a new Google report, 47% of respondents prefer apps – versus a mobile website – when they want information quickly… Read more

6. The 8 Worst UX Mistakes Coming From Experts

Have you ever asked yourself what UX is all about? It’s about learning from mistakes. You can build a design around the idea of turning bad experiences into good ones. We tend to follow the core principles of UX design, but sometimes they slip designers’ minds… Read more

7. How to Improve Your Development Team’s Productivity

I met a friend over coffee this weekend. For a while now, he has been running a project to put into operation an HR Management System for an insurance company. As usual, he asked me a question without actually asking the… Read more

8. 8 Characteristics of Agile Software Developers

We all know them: companies that claim to be agile, but are so very far from agile. Perhaps they do standups, and they may have shortened their release cycle (now releasing every 3 months!). They might even have someone called a Scrum Master… Read more

9. 3 Skills Every Software Tester Needs Right Now

The world is continually changing, and if we hope to remain competitive and relevant, software testers need to keep up. Technology changes are impossible to keep up with, yet if we aren’t aware of and open to learning what’s new and trending in our field, we risk becoming obsolete… Read more

10. Scrum Without Removing Impediments Isn’t Scrum

Recently I was talking to a friend about their company’s implementation of Scrum. They don’t see the point. Before Scrum was implemented, they often had to wait an hour or more to access a test machine… Read more

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