CODE - Centare's Outsourced Development Engagement

CODE Teams scale your custom software development capabilities quickly, while lowering Total Cost of Ownership.

The Centare Advantage

Centare’s CODE Teams are made up of 100% salaried U.S.-based Centare employees - no subcontractors or makeshift teams here. With over 20 years of experience, Centare’s CODE Teams bring a high amount of productivity to bear very quickly, while scaling your software development capabilities by collaborating with you to work, learn, and teach together.

The result is high-quality software delivered sooner, reducing TCO and increasing ROI.


  • Our team roles and sizes are customizable to meet your needs
  • Our teams have experience working together and will hit the ground running on Day 1
  • 100% salaried U.S.-based employees
  • On-the-job coaching for your employees
  • Adaptable teams with opportunity to bring in team members with specific skillsets
  • Reduction in TCO and improved ROI

How we work

We integrate with your team to internalize your processes and culture. One of our core values is to ‘leave them better than you found them.’ In addition to completing software development tasks, we always look for opportunities to train and grow your team.

Centare's Outsourced Development Engagement Teams include:


Architecture Evaluation
Security Evaluation
Cloud Migration Planning
Code analysis
Automated Testing Evaluation
Software Development
Application Security Hardening
API Enablement
QA Automation
Visual + UX Design
Accessibility Review
Usability Review
UI Redesign

Client Story

DBS partnered with us to transform their product organization using agile processes, resulting in increased speed in time-to-market, reduced risk, and the ability to rapidly respond to new opportunities.

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The Centare staff is incredible to work with! We are so happy with the improvements that they have helped us make to our software and how we work.

Kirsten King, Office Administration Manager at DBS

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