Product Strategy + Development

Centare’s collaborative, outcome-based approach combines strategy, design, and development to bring your ideas to reality.

The Centare Advantage

Our goal is to support you throughout your product’s lifecycle. To do that, we engage a cross-functional Agile team to deeply understand your idea or business problem. We then design the experience around the customer’s needs, implementing the supporting technology to deliver, execute, and release your product with confidence.

The results are successful products quickly brought to market, new value streams, and lasting value for your business.


  • You will invest in the right things at the right time
  • A trusted partner with the experience to consistently deliver incremental value will guide you along
  • Your company will cut time to realize value
  • You'll see a faster return on your development investment
  • The company can minimize risk by utilizing continuous product discovery techniques and generating alignment with laser focus on goals

How we work

Technology alone cannot accomplish a lasting impact, but we will guide your organization in designing, executing, and deploying strategic technology to drive its success.

Product Strategy + Development includes:

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Product Discovery
Product Vision + Strategy Creation
Product Management + Roadmapping
Project Execution
Training + Coaching
Product Branding
User Research
Visual + UI Design
Software Architecture
Application Development
Mobile Development
Cloud Native Development
Test Strategy + Execution
Quality Assurance
Test Automation
Load + PerformanceTesting

Client Story

Seat Leap partnered with us to quickly respond to a unique market opportunity that required their entire product experience be redesigned in only two months.

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Centare quickly understood what we were trying to do via their Ignite process and got to work immediately to create the new product. We launched on time for our client and had no issues during the entire pilot run, which is a huge credit to the Centare team.

Dan Scalia, Seat Leap

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