Cousins Subs

Not Just a Fresh Coat of Paint

Centare and Cousins Subs built a new website featuring new branding & infrastructure to support future vision.


Since 1972, Cousins has grown from a Milwaukee hometown sub shop to 101 stores in Wisconsin and expanding nationally into the Midwest. Cousins is about more than making quality subs. They are a company whose values and beliefs are grounded, optimistic, purposeful and passionate.


  • Ability to create and manage group orders
  • Efficient online ordering using saved orders, location & credit cards
  • Order history allows users to view and reorder past orders
  • Search for stores and see store specific details
  • View nutrition and allergen information
  • Customize your order or checkout quickly with the standard toppings
  • Submit comments or apply for foundation grants with integrated online forms
  • Consistent visual brand provides a unified look, feel and experience

The Project

In 2016, Cousins began rolling out a rebrand to streamline all of its restaurants in look and feel. All of their stores would be updated as well as the corporate office. Their website also needed a redesign to reflect this, not just a fresh coat of paint. New third-party integrations would need to be considered in order to be more platform agnostic and support the future vision to help franchisees.

Our Solution

After initial discussions on goals for the new site, Centare proposed using the Umbraco CMS as the foundation. This brought numerous advantages and flexibility to the Cousins team with the use of templates, plugins, and time savings without needing to reinvent the wheel. In addition, it was determined that the site would need to be responsive, adapting the layout to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices on-demand. Two types of order management systems would be utilized - Olo and Brink - and the application would need the flexibility to handle a similar user experience for each. Store information would need to be synced appropriately from Olo and MomentFeed whenever updates were made via any system to ensure the latest and accurate information was being displayed online. While customer information needed to be up-to-date and able to be changed through forms for Cousins email newsletter and future loyalty program purposes with Heartland Beanstalk Engage.

Umbraco CMS

Templates and plugins provided content flexibility for the Cousins team without needing to reinvent the wheel each time, maintaining an efficient workflow.

Mobile Responsive

Ingenuitive techniques allowed layouts, content and workflows to adapt to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices on demand.

Third-Party Integrations

A system was developed to integrate with Olo and Brink — two seperate order management systems — while providing a consistent User Experience for both.

Synced Data

Store information was synced appropriately from Olo and MomentFeed whenever updates were made in either system ensuring the latest, most accurate information is being displayed online.

I just wanted to follow up to say thank you... my commitment to Centare being right for this project has never wavered. I am extremely pleased with our end product. 

Cousins Subs Technologies

  • Umbraco 7
  • .Net 4.5
  • ASP.NET Web API 2
  • ASP.NET Identity 2
  • AngularJS
  • Sass
  • Octopus Deploy
  • Olo
  • Brink
  • MomentFeed
  • Heartland Beanstalk Engage
  • Paytronix

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