Amazon Web Services

Services to Help You Focus on Business Value, Not Infrastructure

Centare delivers and migrates applications that fully leverage the reliability, performance, and economics of the AWS Cloud.

The AWS Cloud gives you access to on-demand IT resources designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs, and operate more securely. The AWS Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that need to access reliable and secure computing resources in a cost-efficient manner.


  • Control access to your application with robust security services and deploy into facilities with world-class security certifications.
  • Reduce time to value in your software delivery process with instantly available cloud infrastructure.
  • Control infrastructure costs with services sized precicely to your business and technical needs.
  • Rest assured that your applications are backed by highly available architecture and robust SLAs.

How we can help

Full Solutions

Knowing where cloud services fit into overall architecture is an important part of custom software development. We design effective cloud usage into systems from the very onset of our projects.

Cloud Architecture

Optimize your use of AWS services to maximize performance and minimize cost. We will help you identify the ideal combination of AWS services - from EC2 to RDS to Kinesis - that support your application now and will scale into the future.


Moving to the cloud is a great time to improve the performance and reduce the ongoing costs of existing systems. We specialize in replatforming .NET applications to AWS and identify where cloud services can be leveraged in ways that traditional infrastructure previously could not.

AWS Lambda

Leverage serverless computing to help scale your applications and business

Centare helps companies to modernize applications without having to provisioning or managing servers.

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AWS Windows EC2

Achieve the Art of the Possible with Centare’s AWS Solutions for Windows

Centare migrates your Windows applications from your legacy infrastructure to state of the art Amazon EC2 web services.

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