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Achieve the Art of the Possible with Centare’s AWS Solutions for Windows

Centare migrates your Windows applications from your legacy infrastructure to state of the art Amazon EC2 web services.

Centare Windows EC2 Quick Start Strategy Session

Designed to remove risk and uncertainty associated with moving Microsoft workloads to the cloud, Centare AWS Architects assess, align, and design your specific approach to maximizing AWS for your specific needs.
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5 year ROI


Dollars in benefits per application over 5 years (average)


Month payback period


Dollars in staff productivity gains per year


Reduction in TCO


Dollars in business productivity and risk mitigation

Why EC2 for Windows workload

Build Microsoft Applications Faster

AWS Elastic Beanstalk helps you quickly and easily deploy and scale applications built on .NET. AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodeDeploy let you build and deploy custom configurations quickly and easily.

Leverage Familiar Tools

AWS provides a .NET SDK and Toolkit for Visual Studio to help you quickly and easily build new applications.

Automate with a DevOps Approach

AWS OpsWorks helps you build a DevOps methodology with automated package installations, database setups, and Chef code deployment.

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